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Groton, New London, CT



Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHBEY, Abby P  1846Groton, New London, CT I2717
2 ASHBEY, Allen B  1852Groton, New London, CT I2718
3 ASHBEY, Captain Benjamin  25 Sep 1762Groton, New London, CT I1251
4 ASHBEY, Betsey Ann  10 Sep 1831Groton, New London, CT I4476
5 ASHBEY, Frederic Potter  1853Groton, New London, CT I2719
6 ASHBEY, George A.  18 Nov 1772Groton, New London, CT I5153
7 ASHBEY, Harriet Elizabeth  25 May 1827Groton, New London, CT I4475
8 ASHBEY, Julia Stoddard  1842Groton, New London, CT I2716
9 ASHBEY, Latham D  1838Groton, New London, CT I2715
10 ASHBEY, Leonora  1848Groton, New London, CT I2713
11 ASHBEY, Mary Emma  7 Apr 1845Groton, New London, CT I4478
12 ASHBEY, Moses A Jr  20 Jun 1829Groton, New London, CT I2708
13 ASHBEY, Robert A  11 Feb 1861Groton, New London, CT I4473
14 ASHBEY, Sarah  11 Feb 1861Groton, New London, CT I4474
15 ASHBEY, William A  8 Oct 1833Groton, New London, CT I4477
16 ASHBY, George W  6 Aug 1810Groton, New London, CT I5199
17 AVERY, Sarah  Abt 1714Groton, New London, CT I2702
18 BURROWS, Prudence  14 Dec 1825Groton, New London, CT I2691
19 FISH, Jemima  14 Dec 1786Groton, New London, CT I2449
20 FISH, Thomas  1750Groton, New London, CT I2465
21 HOLLIDAY, Bruce A  30 Jun 1947Groton, New London, CT I4711
22 LATHAM, William  8 Jun 1742Groton, New London, CT I2694
23 LATHAM, William Slocum Jr  1765Groton, New London, CT I2696
24 LESTER, Elizabeth  Abt 1669Groton, New London, CT I1758
25 McDONALD, Douglas  1 Mar 1919Groton, New London, CT I3766
26 MORGAN, Mary Virginia  7 Oct 1897Groton, New London, CT I123
27 WILLIAMS, Lucy Elizabeth  18 Apr 1833Groton, New London, CT I2709


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASHBEY, Captain Benjamin  1814Groton, New London, CT I1251
2 ASHBEY, George A.  27 Mar 1818Groton, New London, CT I5153
3 ASHBEY, Moses A Jr  4 Feb 1917Groton, New London, CT I2708
4 ASHBEY, William A  1919Groton, New London, CT I4477
5 ASHBY, George W  8 Jun 1862Groton, New London, CT I5199
6 DAVIS, Rowse B  1860Groton, New London, CT I5189
7 FISH, Thomas  1775Groton, New London, CT I2467
8 HOLADAY, Wealthy W  3 Mar 1919Groton, New London, CT I101
9 HOLLIDAY, Bruce A  6 Jun 2011Groton, New London, CT I4711
10 McDONALD, Douglas  1 Mar 1919Groton, New London, CT I3766
11 PACKER, Catharine  11 Oct 1818Groton, New London, CT I5198
12 POTTER, Hattie Rathburn  4 Jan 1892Groton, New London, CT I2443


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ASHBEY / CHESTER  25 Sep 1826Groton, New London, CT F1955
2 ASHBEY / FISH  6 Jan 1822Groton, New London, CT F875
3 MACDONALD / ASHBEY  30 Dec 1882Groton, New London, CT F48
4 MORGAN / POTTER  4 Jan 1888Groton, New London, CT F1764
5 MORGAN / STOREY  7 Nov 1896Groton, New London, CT F1767