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New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice M  Abt 1867New York I4983
2 Catherine H  Abt 1886New York I4126
3 Marie  Abt 1900New York I4648
4 Matilda  Abt 1830New York I3966
5 Meta  Abt 1894New York I4619
6 Nora  Abt 1857New York I4332
7 Rosannah  Abt 1838New York I2575
8 BALL, Bessie (Elizabeth)  19 May 1886New York I4910
9 BLAUVELT, Helen Jane  1843New York I4448
10 BRADFORD, Albert  Abt 1891New York I5415
11 CODY, Elizabeth (Betty) M  Abt 1894New York I5032
12 CONKLIN, Lewis  5 Mar 1803New York I5251
13 CONKLIN, Lewis H  20 Jul 1877New York I5269
14 CUYPER, Adriaen Thomasen  Abt Sep 1650New York I678
15 CUYPER, Cornelis Thomasen  Bef 15 Jan 1659New York I680
16 CUYPER, Thomas Thomasen  Bef 4 Feb 1672New York I685
17 CUYPER, Tryntie (Catrin) Thomas  Bef 3 Sep 1662New York I682
18 CUYPER, Tryntje Thomas  Bef 16 Jan 1658New York I681
19 DAVID, Marie Antoinette  4 Mar 1859New York I2773
20 DECKER, Anna (Annie) L  12 Apr 1852New York I1263
21 DECKER, Harriet A  1866New York I2687
22 DECKER, Herbert Edward  1877New York I2689
23 DECKER, Ida I  1856New York I2684
24 DECKER, John W  1828New York I2681
25 DECKER, Robert E  1861New York I2686
26 DECKER, Sarah E  1854New York I2683
27 DECKER, Stephen W  1859New York I2685
28 DECKER, William W  1874New York I2688
29 DENIKE, Margaret Helen  Abt 1889New York I4404
30 DEPPERT, Frederik Peter  25 Oct 1872New York I3721
31 DEPPERT, Mary F  1879New York I3723
32 DEPPERT, Merrier E  1899New York I5376
33 DEPPERT, Simon  Nov 1859New York I4673
34 DEPPERT, Teresa  Feb 1877New York I3722
35 DINSMORE, Howard Edward  1904New York I4707
36 DONATH, Mary (Mae)  Abt 1897New York I851
37 EINOLF, Charles (Charlie) Jr  1900New York I2637
38 GEYER, Adam George  Abt 1891New York I616
39 GRANGER, Caroline  Abt 1856New York I2744
40 GRANGER, Christopher  1872New York I4803
41 GRANGER, Elizabeth  Abt 1846New York I2743
42 GRANGER, Florence May  11 May 1881New York I301
43 GRANGER, George W  19 Mar 1888New York I3929
44 GRANGER, Harriet  Abt 1844New York I2742
45 GRANGER, Mabel Louise  13 Feb 1884New York I302
46 GRANGER, Mary A.  Abt 1842New York I2741
47 GRANGER, S. B.  1867New York I4801
48 GRANGER, Walter  22 Dec 1900New York I1424
49 GREISCH, Charlotte  Sep 1895New York I2776
50 GREISCH, Edward C.  Dec 1892New York I2775

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alice M  18 Aug 1931New York I4983
2 BLAUVELT, Helen Jane  1926New York I4448
3 CABLE, Sidney George  9 Oct 1963New York I5548
4 DEPPERT, Elizabeth (Lizzie)  6 Dec 1942New York I500
5 GRANGER, Florence May  Nov 1967New York I301
6 LAFORGE, Annetta  10 Jan 1940New York I5072
7 MATTHEWS, William C  1912New York I4253
8 PAPALEO, Francis  Apr 1977New York I58
9 STOUGHTON, George D  May 2011New York I2816
10 THOMS, Laura J  May 1980New York I5633
11 THORP, William J  15 Jun 1913New York I4435
12 WILCOX, Annie Reid  6 Apr 1926New York I2747


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    BAPM    Person ID 
1 STRAATMAKER, Rachel  24 Feb 1683New York I4582
2 TOERS, Annetie  6 Jul 1685New York I315


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    EMIG    Person ID 
1 TRUSS, Jessie Irene  5 Jun 1910New York I66


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HENDRICKSON / HUBBARD  16 May 1770New York F3550
2 NYSSEN / FAELIX  Aft 11 Feb 1640New York F390
3 SILBERGER / GRANGER  31 Mar 1901New York F2873
4 TERHUNE / DENYSE  1647New York F388
5 TOERS / CUYPER  15 Aug 1672New York F145
6 TUERS / MATHESON  Bef 1918New York F3653
7 TUERS / MOULTON  1897New York F2891