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Jamaica, Queens, NY



Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Matilda  1839Jamaica, Queens, NY I1441
2 BENNETT, Mary M  Abt 1805Jamaica, Queens, NY I1439
3 HENDRICKSON, Abraham A  13 Mar 1814Jamaica, Queens, NY I4875
4 HENDRICKSON, Abram  1838Jamaica, Queens, NY I4859
5 HENDRICKSON, Adrianna  1 Jul 1812Jamaica, Queens, NY I4874
6 HENDRICKSON, Aletta Johann  1840Jamaica, Queens, NY I4860
7 HENDRICKSON, Altje  11 Nov 1798Jamaica, Queens, NY I4866
8 HENDRICKSON, Anna C.  1865Jamaica, Queens, NY I1443
9 HENDRICKSON, Benjamin W  1858Jamaica, Queens, NY I1434
10 HENDRICKSON, Catherine  22 May 1822Jamaica, Queens, NY I4877
11 HENDRICKSON, Charles B  1868Jamaica, Queens, NY I1436
12 HENDRICKSON, Cornelia  1845Jamaica, Queens, NY I1453
13 HENDRICKSON, Daniel  1863Jamaica, Queens, NY I4397
14 HENDRICKSON, Daniel Bailey  18 Jun 1827Jamaica, Queens, NY I1431
15 HENDRICKSON, Elizabeth Mary  15 Aug 1797Jamaica, Queens, NY I4865
16 HENDRICKSON, Elizabeth Mary  1825Jamaica, Queens, NY I4855
17 HENDRICKSON, Emmeline  11 Nov 1810Jamaica, Queens, NY I4873
18 HENDRICKSON, Emmie  25 Sep 1851Jamaica, Queens, NY I4394
19 HENDRICKSON, Hannah  1836Jamaica, Queens, NY I1451
20 HENDRICKSON, Hendrick  1742Jamaica, Queens, NY I4878
21 HENDRICKSON, Hendrick A  13 Apr 1801Jamaica, Queens, NY I4868
22 HENDRICKSON, James  2 Jul 1804Jamaica, Queens, NY I4869
23 HENDRICKSON, James  1833Jamaica, Queens, NY I1440
24 HENDRICKSON, James Frank  Aug 1853Jamaica, Queens, NY I1432
25 HENDRICKSON, James Smith  28 May 1818Jamaica, Queens, NY I4876
26 HENDRICKSON, James Van S.  1863Jamaica, Queens, NY I1442
27 HENDRICKSON, Joanna  9 Sep 1805Jamaica, Queens, NY I4870
28 HENDRICKSON, John M  15 Nov 1855Jamaica, Queens, NY I4395
29 HENDRICKSON, John Skelton  1846Jamaica, Queens, NY I4861
30 HENDRICKSON, Judith  23 Feb 1800Jamaica, Queens, NY I4867
31 HENDRICKSON, Judith R  1846Jamaica, Queens, NY I4862
32 HENDRICKSON, Mary  1854Jamaica, Queens, NY I1433
33 HENDRICKSON, Mary Louise  Jul 1860Jamaica, Queens, NY I1437
34 HENDRICKSON, Mary S.  1861Jamaica, Queens, NY I1435
35 HENDRICKSON, Pete  1842Jamaica, Queens, NY I1452
36 HENDRICKSON, Priscilla  9 Apr 1809Jamaica, Queens, NY I4872
37 HENDRICKSON, Sarah Ann  9 May 1807Jamaica, Queens, NY I4871
38 HENDRICKSON, Sarah Ann  1836Jamaica, Queens, NY I4858
39 HENDRICKSON, Sarah Emmeline  1833Jamaica, Queens, NY I1454
40 HENDRICKSON, Warren J.  1873Jamaica, Queens, NY I1444
41 HENDRICKSON, William Lane  1829Jamaica, Queens, NY I4856
42 HENDRICKSON, William Ludlum  24 Nov 1802Jamaica, Queens, NY I1438
43 HUBBARD, Hannah  28 Jul 1748Jamaica, Queens, NY I4879
44 LUDLUM, Elizabeth  24 Sep 1776Jamaica, Queens, NY I4864


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Marie Ellie  1887Jamaica, Queens, NY I4393
2 GRANGER, Early Jr  26 Aug 1901Jamaica, Queens, NY I496
3 GRANGER, Mary  26 Feb 1904Jamaica, Queens, NY I506
4 HENDRICKSON, Adrianna  12 Mar 1887Jamaica, Queens, NY I4874
5 HENDRICKSON, Altje  11 May 1891Jamaica, Queens, NY I4866
6 HENDRICKSON, Catherine  4 Jul 1900Jamaica, Queens, NY I4877
7 HENDRICKSON, Daniel  Abt 1927Jamaica, Queens, NY I4397
8 HENDRICKSON, Daniel Bailey  6 Dec 1884Jamaica, Queens, NY I1431
9 HENDRICKSON, Elizabeth Mary  23 Mar 1838Jamaica, Queens, NY I4865
10 HENDRICKSON, Emmeline  25 Sep 1811Jamaica, Queens, NY I4873
11 HENDRICKSON, Emmie  18 Apr 1855Jamaica, Queens, NY I4394
12 HENDRICKSON, Hendrick A  25 Sep 1870Jamaica, Queens, NY I4868
13 HENDRICKSON, James  25 Aug 1804Jamaica, Queens, NY I4869
14 HENDRICKSON, John M  24 Nov 1860Jamaica, Queens, NY I4395
15 HENDRICKSON, Judith  17 Jun 1869Jamaica, Queens, NY I4867
16 LUDLUM, Elizabeth  25 Feb 1838Jamaica, Queens, NY I4864
17 RAE, Samuel  19 May 1894Jamaica, Queens, NY I298
18 TUERS, Elmer Ellsworth  16 May 1970Jamaica, Queens, NY I697


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HENDRICKSON /   1857Jamaica, Queens, NY F985
2 HENDRICKSON / BENNETT  23 Jan 1824Jamaica, Queens, NY F984
3 HENDRICKSON / GRANGER  18 Dec 1850Jamaica, Queens, NY F973