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Brooklyn, Kings, NY


Latitude: 40.7215350, Longitude: -73.9574500


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amelia  Nov 1840Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1582
2 Deborah  Dec 1869Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1550
3 Hannah (Anna M)  1826Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1408
4 Jane  1805Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1456
5 Marian  1805Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1529
6 BRINSON, Almira S  Nov 1859Brooklyn, Kings, NY I5064
7 DENIKE, Annie  1861Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1662
8 DENIKE, Mary Jane  1819Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1478
9 DENIKE, Sally  1839Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1494
10 DENIKE, Thomas Stanley  1813Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1486
11 DENTON, Charles  1842Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1462
12 DENTON, Harriet  1832Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1459
13 DENTON, James  1 May 1793Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1455
14 DENTON, Lucretia  1857Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1583
15 DENTON, Margaret  1840Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1460
16 DENTON, Mary  1843Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1461
17 DENTON, Sarah J  1831Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1458
18 DENTON, William  Feb 1835Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1457
19 DENTON, William  1858Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1584
20 DEPPERT, Anthony  1864Brooklyn, Kings, NY I4674
21 EALER, Fredrick  1854Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1585
22 GRANGER, Alice  15 Aug 1882Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1468
23 GRANGER, Caroline C.  1874Brooklyn, Kings, NY I495
24 GRANGER, Charles Henry  10 Sep 1838Brooklyn, Kings, NY I493
25 GRANGER, Charlotta (Lottie)  Jun 1898Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1272
26 GRANGER, Esther (Etta May)  11 May 1871Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1245
27 GRANGER, Esther Elizabeth Mary (Etta)  1894Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1358
28 GRANGER, Faustina Frances  Feb 1876Brooklyn, Kings, NY I4324
29 GRANGER, Francis  Feb 1876Brooklyn, Kings, NY I4323
30 GRANGER, Francis S.  Abt 1845Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1482
31 GRANGER, George H  1848Brooklyn, Kings, NY I498
32 GRANGER, George Mowbray  23 Oct 1841Brooklyn, Kings, NY I2740
33 GRANGER, Gilbert  1861Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1487
34 GRANGER, Guph  1834Brooklyn, Kings, NY I508
35 GRANGER, Harriet (Hattie) Amelia  1849Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1483
36 GRANGER, James  1876Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1539
37 GRANGER, James F.  1848Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1409
38 GRANGER, Josephine A  Feb 1840Brooklyn, Kings, NY I2338
39 GRANGER, Margaret  3 Sep 1878Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1537
40 GRANGER, Mary Ann  1847Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1449
41 GRANGER, Mary J  1872Brooklyn, Kings, NY I4322
42 GRANGER, Miriam  May 1870Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1490
43 GRANGER, Robert (Robbie) Henry  24 Aug 1891Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1271
44 GRANGER, Robert Raymond  28 Nov 1892Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1423
45 GRANGER, Sarah  1839Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1480
46 GRANGER, Sarah  1869Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1489
47 GRANGER, Theodore Francis  18 Aug 1850Brooklyn, Kings, NY I13
48 GRANGER, Thomas  9 Dec 1879Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1538
49 GRANGER, Thomas Stanley  1844Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1481
50 GRANGER, William H Sr.  13 Aug 1840Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1479

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jane  10 Aug 1876Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1456
2 Sally A.  Jul 1890Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1491
3 BEERS, William  Bef 1930Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1654
4 BRINSON, Almira S  18 Feb 1934Brooklyn, Kings, NY I5064
5 BROWN, Ruth  Apr 1865Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1411
6 CRAWFORD, Ellen Jane (Jennie)  4 Mar 1895Brooklyn, Kings, NY I3926
7 DENIKE, Child  Jul 1851Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1493
8 DENIKE, Mary Jane  Nov 1892Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1478
9 DENIKE, Sally  Jan 1926Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1494
10 DENIKE, Thomas Stanley  Jun 1900Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1486
11 DEPPERT, Anthony  1871Brooklyn, Kings, NY I4674
12 DEPPERT, Peter  31 Dec 1905Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1509
13 DESILVA, Rosa M  12 Jan 1923Brooklyn, Kings, NY I4321
14 DOUGHERTY, Mary  8 Dec 1853Brooklyn, Kings, NY I504
15 GRANGER, Caroline H. (Carrie)  4 Dec 1901Brooklyn, Kings, NY I510
16 GRANGER, Early  1883Brooklyn, Kings, NY I503
17 GRANGER, Early  13 Jul 1896Brooklyn, Kings, NY I2425
18 GRANGER, Francis  6 Mar 1876Brooklyn, Kings, NY I4323
19 GRANGER, Francis S.  28 Mar 1926Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1482
20 GRANGER, George H  4 Jun 1870Brooklyn, Kings, NY I498
21 GRANGER, Gilbert  28 Oct 1881Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1487
22 GRANGER, Harriet (Hattie) Amelia  1 Jul 1911Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1483
23 GRANGER, Isabella  24 Apr 1876Brooklyn, Kings, NY I2410
24 GRANGER, James  4 Feb 1850Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1405
25 GRANGER, James F.  7 May 1885Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1409
26 GRANGER, John  10 Aug 1850Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1407
27 GRANGER, John Jr  2 Oct 1870Brooklyn, Kings, NY I2424
28 GRANGER, Margaret  17 Mar 1871Brooklyn, Kings, NY I507
29 GRANGER, Mary Ann  Jan 1887Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1449
30 GRANGER, Miriam  Bef 1880Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1490
31 GRANGER, Thomas  19 Oct 1880Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1538
32 GRANGER, Warren M.  7 Jan 1914Brooklyn, Kings, NY I2433
33 GRANGER, William  9 Apr 1853Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1406
34 GRANGER, William H Sr.  19 Dec 1906Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1479
35 GRANGER, William H. Jr.  20 Jun 1901Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1488
36 GREEN, John  14 Mar 1872Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1446
37 GREEN, Johnny  Feb 1864Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1447
38 GREEN, Mary A.  Oct 1859Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1448
39 LAURENZANO, Michael  19 Aug 1963Brooklyn, Kings, NY I172
40 MATHESON, James Stuart  19 Jul 1924Brooklyn, Kings, NY I5063
41 MORDEY, Elizabeth  28 Jan 1879Brooklyn, Kings, NY I2431
42 SNIDEKER, Rebecca  23 Dec 1872Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1484
43 STULTS, George F.  Mar 1928Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1495
44 TUTHILL, Angelica  10 Sep 1912Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1414
45 TUTHILL, Ida Degraw  May 1859Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1417
46 TUTHILL, John B.  Aug 1859Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1412
47 TUTHILL, Louis Fisk  14 Oct 1878Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1398
48 TUTHILL, Samuel Brown  Jan 1857Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1410
49 TUTHILL, Samuel Wesley  Aug 1863Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1416
50 WOOD, Amelia  Feb 1889Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1399


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sally A.  18 Jul 1890Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1491
2 BROWN, Ruth  22 Apr 1865Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1411
3 DENIKE, Child  10 Jul 1851Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1493
4 DENIKE, Justus  12 Feb 1851Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1492
5 DENIKE, Mary Jane  30 Nov 1892Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1478
6 DENIKE, Sally  2 Jan 1926Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1494
7 DENIKE, Thomas Stanley  23 Jun 1900Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1486
8 DOUGHERTY, Mary  9 Dec 1853Brooklyn, Kings, NY I504
9 GRANGER, Caroline H. (Carrie)  6 Dec 1901Brooklyn, Kings, NY I510
10 GRANGER, Charles Henry  10 Mar 1880Brooklyn, Kings, NY I493
11 GRANGER, James  10 Mar 1852Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1405
12 GRANGER, James F.  10 May 1885Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1409
13 GRANGER, Margaret  19 Mar 1871Brooklyn, Kings, NY I507
14 GRANGER, Mary Ann  10 Jan 1887Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1449
15 GRANGER, Robert  7 Aug 1853Brooklyn, Kings, NY I505
16 GRANGER, William  10 Apr 1853Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1406
17 GREEN, John  16 Mar 1872Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1446
18 GREEN, Johnny  3 Feb 1864Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1447
19 GREEN, Mary A.  13 Oct 1859Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1448
20 STULTS, George F.  23 Mar 1928Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1495
21 TUTHILL, Ida Degraw  6 May 1859Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1417
22 TUTHILL, John B.  17 Aug 1859Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1412
23 TUTHILL, Louis Fisk  16 Oct 1878Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1398
24 TUTHILL, Samuel Brown  8 Jan 1857Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1410
25 TUTHILL, Samuel Wesley  15 Aug 1863Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1416
26 WOOD, Amelia  23 Feb 1889Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1399


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    RESI    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  5 Jun 1880Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1575
2 EALER, Fredrick  5 Jun 1880Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1585
3 GRANGER, Caroline H. (Carrie)  1880Brooklyn, Kings, NY I510
4 GRANGER, James  8 Feb 1850Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1405
5 GREEN, Johnny  Feb 1864Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1447
6 LEISER, Elenora  5 Jun 1880Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1580
7 LEISER, Elizabeth  5 Jun 1880Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1578
8 LEISER, Emma  5 Jun 1880Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1577
9 LEISER, Fred  5 Jun 1880Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1581
10 LEISER, Henrietta  5 Jun 1880Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1579
11 LEISER, Louis  5 Jun 1880Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1574
12 LEISER, William  5 Jun 1880Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1576
13 SNIDEKER, Rebecca  Dec 1872Brooklyn, Kings, NY I1484


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEERS / GRANGER  1910Brooklyn, Kings, NY F1027
2 DENIKE /   1835Brooklyn, Kings, NY F995
3 DENTON /   1823Brooklyn, Kings, NY F987
4 DENTON /   1857Brooklyn, Kings, NY F988
5 DEPPERT / LOEFFEL  1858Brooklyn, Kings, NY F990
6 EALER / LEISER  1877Brooklyn, Kings, NY F1007
7 GRANGER /   1844Brooklyn, Kings, NY F974
8 GRANGER / DENIKE  1837Brooklyn, Kings, NY F975
9 GRANGER / DENTON  1843Brooklyn, Kings, NY F341
10 GRANGER / HARVEY  1876Brooklyn, Kings, NY F993
11 GRANGER / RAE  28 Mar 1875Brooklyn, Kings, NY F7
12 GRANGER / SNIDEKER  1861Brooklyn, Kings, NY F992
13 GREEN / GRANGER  1849Brooklyn, Kings, NY F971
14 KELTY / GRANGER  1868Brooklyn, Kings, NY F986
15 LEISER /   1854Brooklyn, Kings, NY F960
16 LEISER / GRANGER  16 Oct 1887Brooklyn, Kings, NY F351
17 MATHESON / BRINSON  8 Aug 1883Brooklyn, Kings, NY F3679
18 RAE / CLARKE  1837Brooklyn, Kings, NY F197
19 SHEARER / GRANGER  1868Brooklyn, Kings, NY F1085
20 SNIDEKER /   1823Brooklyn, Kings, NY F994
21 SNIDEKER /   1866Brooklyn, Kings, NY F1002
22 STULTS / DENIKE  1857Brooklyn, Kings, NY F997
23 TUTHILL / GRANGER  11 May 1892Brooklyn, Kings, NY F867
24 TUTHILL / TAYLOR  1855Brooklyn, Kings, NY F978
25 TUTHILL / WOOD  17 Oct 1865Brooklyn, Kings, NY F961