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New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 SPELLMAN, Lillian  Feb 1900New York I4991
102 SPELLMAN, Walter William  Abt 1899New York I4990
103 SPIER, Annatje  Feb 1703New York I361
104 STRAATMAKER, Grietje  1680New York I4579
105 STRAATMAKER, Rachel  1683New York I4582
106 STRAATMAKER, Tryntje  1674New York I4577
107 STRAUT, Anna  10 Aug 1801New York I3714
108 STRAUT, Annie  Abt 1864New York I4528
109 STRAUT, Cornelius  1 Aug 1809New York I3718
110 STRAUT, Cornelius  Abt 1872New York I4531
111 STRAUT, Daniel  Abt 1867New York I4529
112 STRAUT, Deborah Ann  Jun 1824New York I280
113 STRAUT, Henry L.  1858New York I265
114 TERHUNE, Albert Albertse II  Bef 13 Aug 1651New York I559
115 THORP, Daniel  25 May 1826New York I4433
116 THORP, Mary Ann  Abt 1830New York I42
117 THORP, Willard Gardner  18 Apr 1860New York I4442
118 THURSTON, John Wesley  Abt 1817New York I4662
119 TUERS, Adaline  8 May 1836New York I1906
120 TUERS, Anita  May 1892New York I5074
121 TUERS, Cornelius R  11 Dec 1906New York I4247
122 TUERS, George William Sr  29 Jan 1913New York I4251
123 TUERS, Harold LaForge  17 Apr 1894New York I5017
124 TUERS, Leone H  Jun 1899New York I4245
125 TUERS, Walter Frank  4 Sep 1911New York I4250
126 WANAMAKER, Grietje Margaret  1781New York I278
127 WATTS, Frances (Francie) A  Aug 1818New York I2317
128 WILLIAMSON, Johanna Bergen  1831New York I2682
129 WOOD, Esther M  1869New York I4223
130 WOOD, George  31 Jan 1823New York I4222

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