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August M. Collignon
August M. Collignon
August and his brother, Nicholas, both enlisted in the Union Army at the same time September 2, 1862 as a PVT, and mustered out June 25, 1863 serving in the same Co.D, 22 Rer't New Jersey Inf. Chronology of service: Sept/2/1862 Mustered in at Trenton NJ-Sept/29/1862 Left NJ. for defense of Washington D.C. Dec/1862 Attached to Abercrombie's Provisional Brigade, Casey's Division-Jan/10/1863 Moved to Belle Plains Jan/20-24/1863 "MUD MARCH"-April/29-5/2 1863 Operations at Pollock's Mill Creek-May/2-5/1863 "Battle of Chancellorsville"-June/25/1863 Mustered out at Trenton New Jersey 
Located    Anna COLLIGNON (d. 1922)
August Martin COLLIGNON (d. 1921)
Granger Niche
Granger Niche
George Francis Granger and Caroline Federlichner ashes contained in niche 338 at East Wall, Room B, Garden State Crematory, North Bergen, NJ 
  Latitude: 40.7951736251177, Longitude: -74.02589037939453  Caroline (Carrie) FEDERLICHNER (d. 3 Jul 1959)
George Francis GRANGER, Sr. (d. 10 Jun 1948)
Thomas Granger
Thomas Granger
Thomas and his brother, William H. volunteered to fight in the Civil War, joining the 48th N.Y. on August 19,1862. Both served through the war. Thomas was wounded in the right leg late in the war, and was discharged from Mower Hospital July 7, 1865.  William H. was discharged on June 27, 1865 at Raleigh N.C.  In December of 1896 Thomas packed the three children off to in-laws, and checkedd himself into The National Home for Volunteer soldiers.  He lived in three different soldiers homes and finally passed away in Dayton, Ohio on January 23, 1916.  Thomas is buried in the Dayton National Cemetery in Dayton Ohio section 1 row 14 site 29.   
  Thomas is buried in the Dayton National Cemetery in Dayton Ohio section 1 row 14 site 29. 
Thomas Stanley GRANGER (d. 23 Jan 1916)