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101 1900 Census gives birth date Nov 1815. 1880 Census gives birth date of 1816. 1850 Census gives birth date 1820. We have found one family genealogy that gives 12 Nov 1815 as birth date.

Headstone photo on file: Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, NJ give death date 18 May 1901 
BANTA, Thomas T. (I5099)
102 1900 Census gives wife name Ida. WWI Draft Registration provides contact “wife Mary” 349 Prospect Ave NYC, Kings, NY DEPPERT, Frederik Peter (I3721)
103 1900 Census Immigration date given 1852, noting 48 years in the United States, implying that he arrived as an infant with family

1920 Census, Trenton, lists him as a Widower living with the Curtis family as a Lodger 
LOCKWOOD, Joseph Charles (I4721)
104 1900 Census Immigration date given is 1855

George Whitehead, born England, August 1834, noted as father-in-law, is given living with family in this Census. George married Lizzie’s mother, Mary, 26 Mar 1870, after the death of Henry Grindrod. 
GRINDROD, Elizabeth “LIzzie” (I4722)
105 1900 Census is source of birth dates ASHBEY, Elmer E (I2726)
106 1900 Census lists father, Walter and mother, Julia living with Cyrus and Ruth. TUERS, Cyrus William (I1910)
107 1900 Census Saginaw City, Saginaw MI shows Ada Canfield, age 29, as Head of Household with “sisters” Mary W, age 25, and Carolyn, age 16. Cannot confirm this Ada Canfield as Ada Tuers since DOB doesn’t correlate.

1910 Census Branch County MI shows Alfred C. Tuers, age 63, and a stepson Clyde L. Tuers, age 4 living in household with Fremont Canfield, age 47 Head of Household

1920 Census, Detroit City, Wayne County MI shows Ada B. age 33 as Wife living with Charles A. Hibler, age 49 as HoH, and Clyde L. Canfield, age 13, as “Son”. Hibler’s father POB is Pennsylvania, mother POB is Ireland 
TUERS, Ada B (I1917)
108 1900 Census the name is spelled HOLADAY
Father birthplace - Connecticut

Wealthy Holliday m. Douglas McDonald Wedding Announcement 2 May 1914 spells the name HOLLIDAY 
HOLADAY, Frederick W (I3767)
109 1900 Census verifies date of birth RAE, Caroline C. (I494)
110 1900 Census Washington Township, Bergen, NJ Philip is noted as Single, with a birth date of June 1868. The name is spelled TURES, but written over. His occupation is Painter.

1910 Census, Orangetown, Rockland NY he is listed as Phillip Turas, age 48, born New Jersey, occupation house painter, in the household of Mike Feeney as a boarder.

Phillip was somewhat notorious for his misbehavior. Known as “Frip”, we have an early newspaper account of his arrest for disorderly conduct, We also hold a record of 25 Mar 1916 admission to the Rockland NY County Almshouse, which give his mother’s name as Mary Thorp and father’s name as Aaron Turse.

Westwood Cemetery database has his burial as 5/23/1916, but does not have the gravesite identified. 
TURSE, Philip (I45)
111 1900 Census, living Rockaway with sister, Hellen Veeck, age 58, born Canada (Fr) VEECH, Lucinda/Lucy (I2568)
112 1900 Census, living with grandmother, Caroline Clarke Rae, in Brooklyn, NY RAE, Caroline C. (I494)
113 1900 Census, mother Lea is listed living with household TUERS, Willis Jesse (I801)
114 1900 Census, mother Lea is listed living with household of son Willis Jesse in Paterson. Willis Jesse is the only child to have survived to adulthood. GARRABRANT, Leah Ann (I3822)
115 1900 Census, Park Ridge, Bergen, NJ, first name given is Antoinette. 1910 Census, Park Ridge, Bergen, NJ, first name given is Marie. Both names appear in family notes on file. DAVID, Marie Antoinette (I2773)
116 1900 Census, Westwood, Bergen, NJ, in the column Mother of How Many Children, Sarrah is listed as giving birth to 5. We only have records for four. STRAUT, Sarrah A. (I8)
117 1901 Census, England living in Erdington, Warwickshire

Ecclesiastical parish:
Aston St Peter and St Paul 
GOODMAN, John G. (I68)
118 1910 Census Branch County MI shows Alfred C. Tuers, age 63, and a stepson Clyde L. Tuers, age 4 living in household with Fremont Canfield, age 47 Head of Household

At some point Fremont Canfield apparently adopted Clyde since in the 1920 Census he is listed as Clyde L. Canfield, son of Ada B. and Charles A. Hibler.

Place of birth for both Canfield parents is New York. 
CANFIELD, Fremont C (I1918)
119 1910 Census he is now married to Alice H, and step-daughter, Henriette, age 22, is living in household, along with son, Arthur, age 20.

Burial is marked by obelisk with DYER on one side and WILCOX on the other, marking burial of his in-laws 
DYER, William Francis (I154)
120 1910 Census lists George Tuers, Age 39, born New Jersey, in Davison, South Dakota, living within a group of six unrelated men, with Garvey S. Nichols listed as Head.

1925 Iowa State Census, Widowed, Age 53, Census Date: 1 Jan 1925, Residence: Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa, bp New Jersey. Also in household: Frances, age 25, daughter 
TUERS, George H (I2603)
121 1910 Census, Brooklyn, Kings, NY 16 Apr 1910 lists Anthony, age 38, Margaret, age 32, wife, and George, son, age 8. This record correlates to personal knowledge, but is unconfirmed family HELLSTERN, Anthony (I2671)
122 1910 Census, Brooklyn, Ward 9, Kings, NY, both Spencer, Age 25, and William, Age 28 were still living with Elizabeth, Age 51. Spencer was working as a bookkeeper for a publisher, and William as a clerk for an insurance company.

WWI Draft Registration, Brooklyn, 12 Sep 1918, Lists address as 1499 East 10th Street, Brooklyn, Kings, NY Occupation Motion Picture Photographer, working for Metro Picture Corp. Wife Bessie is given as Nearest Relative.

William H. Tuers is listed as cinematographer in California as early as 1917. Our first record of his work is the movie “Blue Jeans” 1917. From the website IMDb he is recognized for work on 29 titles:
Trails End (as Billy Tuers)
The Scorcher (as William Tuers)
The Night Owl (as William Tuers)
Forest Havoc (as William Tuers)
The Smoke Eaters (as William Tuers)
Speeding Through (as William Tuers)
Frenzied Flames (as William Tuers)
Racing Romance (as William Tuers)
Moran of the Mounted (as William Tuers)
The Dixie Flyer (as William Tuers)
Race Wild (as William Tuers)
The Warning Signal (as William Tuers)
Whispering Canyon (as William Tuers)
Speed Wild (as William Tuers)
Breed of the Border (as Billy Tuers)
The Triflers (as William Tuers)
Tarnish (as William Tuers)
The Sixth Commandment (as William Tuers)
One Million in Jewels (as William Tuers)
Till We Meet Again (as William Tuers)
Sunshine Harbor
Beyond the Rainbow
His Nibs (as William Tuers)
The Barricade
The Lost Battalion (uncredited)
An American Widow (unconfirmed)
Alias Mrs. Jessop (unconfirmed) 
TUERS, William Howells (I5021)
123 1910 Census, Santa Clara, California
Harry is listed at Agnews State Hospital on 15 April 1910. Agnews Hospital, listed on the Historical Register now serves as the campus of Sun Microsystems. 
TUERS, Harry (I1894)
124 1910 Cenus lists Aaron A Turse, Jr living with his father, Aaron and Sarrah, mother in Westwood, NJ

WWI Draft Registration Card, Serial No. 1796 in 1918 describes his present occupation as Painter, and his employer as Sandy Turse, his brother. He was living with his wife, Mary, in Westwood, NJ at the time of registration. He is described as tall and slender with black eyes and black hair.

1920 Census lists Aaron A Turse, Jr living with his father, Aaron in Westwood, NJ

We do not hold records for children, however we continue research on this family and have this bit of information:

Aaron Turse, Jr.

▪ Hackensack Republican 1899-7-20, Pg. 3 Col. 9
▪ Town: Westwood
▪ Type of Notice: Local
▪ Remarks: birth of a daughter 
TURSE, Aaron A., Jr. (I40)
125 1910 Federal Census, Aaron Cooper, age 24, was living in Spring Valley, Rockland County, with his wife, Florence M. age 27, and daughter Elsie, age 3. The entire family lived with Theodore Granger and Caroline, along with sister Mabel Granger Secor and her son, Clarence. COOPER, Aaron J. (I311)
126 1920 Census - Age 12 MCDONALD, Ashbey E. (I80)
127 1920 Census gives name as Helen. Daughter’s marriage record gives name “Margaret” DENIKE, Margaret Helen (I4404)
128 1920 Census has her living with her parents as head of household - Edward E and Lucy Coogan. Her other family members in the household were husband Charles E., and sons Charles R and Ashby. Brother Charles E. Coogan, age 30 was also living in household. COOGAN, Grace (I78)
129 1920 Census Huntington WVA Wm S Reed is living with a woman, Ruth, age 30, born Texas listed as his wife. Sons Wiliam, age 16, born Ohio, and Denver, age 14 born Ohio, are living at the same address. His occupation - car builder - is the same as on his draft registration in 1918. REED, William Stanton (I5428)
130 1920 Census Irvington, NJ: Parents William age 65 and Ida age 50 are living in home with Walter as Head of household. Marie is born NY, with both parents born Germany. TUERS, Walter Edwin (I4623)
131 1920 Census lists Charles Einolf and Estelle living at the same location with Frederick GRANGER, Frederick (I499)
132 1920 Census Montclair NJ Listed as brother of Herbert, living with Herbert, but his wife, Catherine and daughter Alice are no longer living with the family. TUERS, Charles Arthur (I4122)
133 1920 Census notes Maine as place of birth MCDONALD, Charles E. (I77)
134 1920 Census, Bayonne, NJ - birthplace is given as Ireland. Earlier records show Brooklyn, NY KELLEHER, Josephine (Jo) (I1248)
135 1920 Census, Esther and daughter, Grace lived with her brother William H Granger, Sr GRANGER, Esther (Etta May) (I1245)
136 1920 Census, Morris, Hanover, District 17, NJ dated d15 January 1920
Tuers, Andrew J, age 52, Teamster
Mary L, Wife, age 52
Hoffman (lined out), Thea or Tess, Daughter (Step), age 21
Tuers, Edward A, Son, age 15
Sadie L, Daughter, age 13

1930 Census, Hanover, Morris, Village of Whippany, dtd April 9, 1930 NJ Lists:
Andrew J Tuers, age 62, working as a laborer in odd jobs
Mary L Tuers, age 63, Wife
Sadie L Tuers, age 22 working as a stenographer in a paper mill
(also grandchildren, possibly children of Mary’s daughter by an earlier marriage)
Mary L Darby, age 7, GrandDau
William Darby, age 9, GrandSon 
TUERS, Andrew Jackson (I2607)
137 1920 Census, Nutley living with family:
Mertins, John, age 34, brother-in-law
Mertins, Emma, age 36, sister-in-law who continued to live with the family at least until 1930 Census
Mertins, Elizabeth, age 76, mother-in-law

1942 Belleville Nutley Directory - living with brother along with other members of the family nearby:

Tuers, Arthur h103 Mountainview Ave
-- Calvin (Bertha M) janitor Franklin Reform Church and Community House h125 Church
-- Elizabeth R supv Verona r125 Church
-- John paper cutter 299 Kingsland Rd h15 Valley Rd
-- John Mrs (Frieda L) died March 9 1941 age 60
-- John Jr r 15 Valley Rd 
TUERS, Calvin (I4133)
138 1920 Census, Nutley living with family:
Mertins, John, age 34, brother-in-law
Mertins, Emma, age 36, sister-in-law who continued to live with the family at least until 1930 Census
Mertins, Elizabeth, age 76, mother-in-law 
MERTINS, Bertha M (I4137)
139 1920 Federal Census finds Aaron Banta, age 73, unmarried, as an inmate of the Bergen County Home, in Midland Park, NJ. No further record. BANTA, Aaron Vanderbeck (I5103)
140 1923 Mrs. George Edward Tuers was president of the Pastor’s Aid Society EASTSIDE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
Park Avenue and East 19th Street,
Paterson NJ

Source: “History of The Eastside Presbyterian Church”
by G. Edward De Nike (Honorary Elder)1940, page 5
WEISS, Louise H (I4155)
141 1926 Headstone Application for Military Veteran for Samuel Rudlun lists Mrs. Bessie M. Fisher, 200 West Washington Street, Pearl River, NY as consignee. This is most likely daughter Bessie, possibly married to Russell Fisher with son Willett R. Fisher.

Bessie Rudlun
b Apr 1896 [1900 US census]

Thu 22 Dec 1921
Russell J. Fisher married Bessie M. Rudlun in Harriman NY
Source: Rockland County Archives, Marriage Records 1911-25, Lic #: 4400, CCNO: 1271, Roll #: 2

husband Russell J Fisher d 14 Jun 1966 [Rockland County NY Clerk, Liber of Deeds, Book 820, Pages 648-650, Recorded 22 Dec 1966, Dated 21 Dec 1966]
lived at 200 West Washington Ave in Pearl River NY

Bessie Fisher
BORN: 10 Apr 1896
Died: May 1976
Last Residence: 10977 Spring Valley, Rockland, New York, USA
SSN: 072-24-9064
State issued: New York (Before 1951)
Source: SSDI

Willet Russell Fisher
Birth Date: 1 Aug 1922
Death Date: 11 Sep 1947
Cemetery: Highview
Cemetery Location: Nanuet, New York
Source: National Archives and Records Administration; Washington, D.C.; Applications for Headstones for U.S. military veterans, 1925-1941; National Archives Microfilm Publication: A1, 2110-C; Record Group Title: Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General; Record Group Number: 92

Russell Fisher
BORN: 11 Oct 1895
Died: Jun 1966
Last Residence: 10965 Pearl River, Rockland, New York, USA
SSN: 131-30-1395
State issued: New York (1955-1957)
Source: SSDI

Russell Joseph Fisher
County: Rockland
State: New York
Birth Date: 11 Oct 1895
Birthplace: Pearl River, NY, USA
Race: Caucasian (White)
Draft Board: 2
Source: WWI US Draft Registration Card 
RUDLUN, Bessie M. (I2907)
142 1930 Census - Father born Irish Free State. As of May 2010, we cannot confirm place of birth or family. However, in the 1910 Census for two different locations in Essex, MA, we have found two different Josephine Egan listings. Both are 19 years of age, which is consistent with the birthdate of other sources. One is working as a servant in Bedford, and the other, Josephine D. Egan is doing electrical work while living in Lynn, MA. Both are born in Ireland. EGAN, Josephine C (I102)
143 1930 Census - unmarried living with Arthur, widower

1932 news article in Catskill Mountain News discussed the circumstances of his death in an automobile accident near Frasers, and his brother, Arthur, as executor, filing a suit. 
TUERS, Raymond A (I4170)
144 1930 Census Evelyn McCreary, boarder, age 16, born Arizona is also living with family. KELLEY, Norman M (I4266)
145 1930 Census occupation listed as Trucking, Street General Construction TUERS, Edward Andrew (I2930)
146 1930 Census, New Britain CT lists David H Tuers, Age 64, living with Alice M, Wife, Age 52, and Helen M, Daughter, Age 27. This matches approximate birth dates. Father born New Jersey, mother born New York.

1910 Census, Glen Rock, NJ lists David Turse, Age 44, living with Alice, Wife, and Helen, Daughter, Age 7.

1900 Census, Manhattan, District 349, New York list David Tursa, Age 31, b Sept 1868, New Jersey living with Alice M, wife age 23, b Oct 1876, New York. David’s birth month is consistent with family bible notation, and the 8 or 5 my easily be mis-interpreted because of the handwriting.

We also suspect that David and David Hering Turse dates may be transposed because of the consistency with the “David H. Turse” in the 1930 Census.

Because David’s occupation is Painter in the census, we believe this link may be correct since it is well known in the family that all of the brothers worked as painters/decorators for many years in Northern New Jersey.

1930 New Britain Directory lists David H Turse living at Highland Ave, wife’s name is Alice M.

1934 New Britain Directory lists David H Turse living at 24 Austin Street, wife’s name is listed as Lillian M.

Need verification 
TURSE, David Herring (I46)
147 1930 Census, Queens, District 1293, April 1930 is source of children’s names. ROSCHER, William (I2022)
148 1933 Ridgewood, NJ Directory, Inez Melanson, Nurse, 7 Franklin Ave Midland Park

1939 listed in directory of Graduate/Practical Nurses residence 131 Harding Rd, Glen Rock, NJ

1950 residence 375 Spring Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ, Inez R Dinsmore, widow Howard Dinsmore. Living with her is son John L Dinsmore, occupation salesman, and his wife Jean A.

Died 1994 - Obit May 8, 1994 Tampa Tribune 
REID, Inez (I261)
149 1938 Directory, New Britain, CT lists Lillian M Turse, widow David H, insp NBMC r 676 W Main Alice M (I4983)
150 1940 Census living with cousin Owen Pinkerman, wife Caroline and son Owen Jr. in Detroit, MI REID, Vesta (I5359)

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