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Leigh, Worcestershire, England



Latitude: 52.1766840, Longitude: -2.3155700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Charlotte  1852Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3267
2 Diana  1842Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3348
3 Eliza  1844Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3228
4 Hannah  1845Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3349
5 Mary A  1850Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3301
6 Mary Ann  1802Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3351
7 ANNEY, Ann  1831Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3338
8 ANNEY, Elizabeth  1836Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3353
9 ANNEY, Richard  1840Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3354
10 ANNEY, Samuel  1834Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3352
11 ANNEY, Thomas  1842Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3355
12 BANNER, Edward  1848Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3223
13 BANNER, Emily  1871Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3229
14 BANNER, Harold  1892Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3269
15 BANNER, Harvey  1850Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3224
16 BANNER, Herbert  1865Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3227
17 BANNER, James  1858Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3226
18 BANNER, John  1876Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3231
19 BANNER, Lydia Elizabeth  3 Jul 1841Leigh, Worcestershire, England I2925
20 BANNER, Mary  1846Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3222
21 BANNER, Richard  2 May 1811Leigh, Worcestershire, England I145
22 BANNER, Richard  1840Leigh, Worcestershire, England I2924
23 BANNER, Samuel  1844Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3221
24 BANNER, Samuel  1873Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3230
25 BANNER, Walter  1854Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3225
26 BEDFORD, Elizabeth  1781Leigh, Worcestershire, England I2951
27 BOWEN, Edith E  1878Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3300
28 BOWEN, Edith J  1878Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3302
29 BOWEN, Francis W  1878Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3289
30 BOWEN, Frederick W  1860Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3298
31 COPE, Eliza  1837Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3211
32 COPE, John  1832Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3209
33 COPE, Mary  1834Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3210
34 COPE, Samuel  1796Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3208
35 GOODMAN, Anne E  1877Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3380
36 GOODMAN, Charles  19 Oct 1851Leigh, Worcestershire, England I2934
37 GOODMAN, Elizah  15 May 1774Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3215
38 GOODMAN, George  11 Oct 1846Leigh, Worcestershire, England I1864
39 GOODMAN, Gertrude Ellen  1879Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3381
40 GOODMAN, Harriette  1846Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3339
41 GOODMAN, James  27 Mar 1769Leigh, Worcestershire, England I2961
42 GOODMAN, John  14 Oct 1838Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3286
43 GOODMAN, Maria  18 Feb 1816Leigh, Worcestershire, England I3213
44 GOODMAN, Mary  16 Mar 1766Leigh, Worcestershire, England I2960
45 GOODMAN, Mary  28 Dec 1808Leigh, Worcestershire, England I2953
46 GOODMAN, Nancy  13 Oct 1771Leigh, Worcestershire, England I2962
47 GOODMAN, Noah  14 Nov 1730Leigh, Worcestershire, England I2957
48 GOODMAN, Noah  19 Nov 1780Leigh, Worcestershire, England I2950
49 GOODMAN, Noah  11 May 1817Leigh, Worcestershire, England I2921
50 GOODMAN, Sarah  14 Sep 1782Leigh, Worcestershire, England I2963

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Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GOODMAN / HOPKINS  16 Dec 1841Leigh, Worcestershire, England F2103
2 GOODMAN / TIPTON  18 Jan 1866Leigh, Worcestershire, England F2423
3 GOODMAN / TRENFIELD  27 Oct 1763Leigh, Worcestershire, England F2136
4 MORGAN / GOODMAN  1 Nov 1786Leigh, Worcestershire, England F2138